Experiment of One

I recently finished up a Whole30 (you can read more about the program here), and I thought I would give soaked oatmeal a try. You know, just to see if I could tolerate it. As an experiment. Science!

I made a lovely soaked and baked gluten free oatmeal with no refined sugar, just some applesauce and a touch of honey to sweeten. My daughter was beside herself with excitement, one of her favorite things that I used to make was “hard oatmeal”. I ate it for breakfast yesterday and today.

Today I know, without any doubts whatsoever, that grains are not for me. Joint pain and fatigue set in late this morning and have not let up yet. So, I will continue on as an experiment of one. Happily grain-free.

Read this article on the Whole9 website, it tells you a bit about why grain-free might be right for you too.


4 thoughts on “Experiment of One

    • Choice Fare - AnnaLee says:

      Yeah, I never would have known I reacted this way to certain foods until I did Whole30. I just thought I was getting old and creaky. I’m 32.

    • I hadn’t thought about the anxiety aspect. I’ve been battling anxiety for years, but I’ve noticed that it’s been much better lately (since I’ve been eating Paleo). I’m going to track it a bit closer and see if foods make a difference! What a concept!

      • I found it was sugar and grains that played a big part in my anxiety, whenever i indulge in non paleo foods i get waves of anxiety. Im not saying that all anxiety is food related, some people it is a chemical imbalance.

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