The Paleo Network – you might want to check this out

I was doing some random Googling this morning and ran across this news blurb out of Colorado about a couple who needed to add some oomph to their training and fitness routines. That oomph was the Paleo diet, and their new energy levels, clarity of mind, and healthier bodies inspired them to begin a new multi-media outlet called The Paleo Network.

Here’s the news story: Paleo Diet: Craze sweeping the weight-loss nation

And here’s the website link for The Paleo Network and here’s a link to the Facebook page.

There are some great looking recipes on the website, many of which I’m excited to try. But a word of caution for those in the midst of doing a Whole30 nutritional reset program: many of the recipes are not Whole30 compliant.

So pick and choose what you want in your new healthy life. Sample different foods to see what your body likes and what it doesn’t. Be selective in your search for Choice Fare!

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