Homemade Sauerkraut

One of the first nutritional books I purchased was Nourishing Traditions.  It contains a wealth of knowledge regarding traditional foods.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about primitive diets and how to prepare traditional  foods eaten around the world.  There is a whole chapter on fermented fruits and vegetables.  If you haven’t read up on the health benefits of fermented foods you should.  Fermented foods contain enzymes which help digestion, beneficial bacteria to promote a healthy gut, and they taste pretty darn good too!

Now, on to the sauerkraut.  Every time I write the word sauerkraut I have to make sure I spelled it correctly.  One of these days I will get it right on the first try.  Sauerkraut  is really as simple as can be to make and it is a good addition to any meal.  This morning I had some alongside leftover beef roast.



1.  1 head Cabbage

2.  1-2 T Salt


Large bowl

Sharp knife

2 or 3 quart size mason jars with lids

Something to pound the cabbage – I used my fists and a mason jar.  I might look into a meat tenderizing mallet.



1.  Cut the cabbage in half and cut out the core.

100_2743 100_2742

2.  Shred the cabbage and put into large bowl.


3.  Sprinkle salt over the shredded cabbage









4.  Squeeze, pound, pummel, knead,  and generally punish the cabbage until it releases its water and reduces in volume.  *note, this is a good stress reliever*


5.  Pack into mason jars and push down until the water rises to the top of the jar and covers the cabbage.


6.  Cover tightly and place in a room temperature spot away from sunlight for about 3 days.  My house is really chilly in the winter, so I had to let mine sit in my cupboard for a few more days until it tasted “sauerkrauty” enough.

100_2751 100_2756

7.  Once the cabbage has fermented to your liking, place in the fridge for storage.


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