Whole30 — Day 1 (again)

The Great White North of northern lower Michigan. The trail to the bird observatory at The Kettunen Center. So refreshing!

The Great White North of northern lower Michigan. The trail to the bird observatory at The Kettunen Center. So refreshing!


This morning I started my second Whole30 nutritional reset. I wasn’t planning on doing this, but had it in my head (sometimes a scary place to be!) that at this point in my nutritional recovery I’d have added a few foods (like my beloved yogurt and maybe a bagel once in a while) back into my diet on a more or less regular basis.

But yesterday I came home from a five-day writers retreat in the beautiful, inspiring snowy north country of Michigan. The conference was great, and the food they served us was varied and much of it worked with a Paleo diet. I took my own salad dressing and snacks, opted for real eggs instead of the institutional omelet mix, had a salad for every lunch and dinner, and had lots of raw and cooked veggies. There just wasn’t any way to get away from the processed foods (meats, mostly), mayo made with who-knows-what oils, and, I’m sure, processed or chemical sugars in everything. And I admit that I had two small glasses of wine, a couple handfuls of peanut trail mix, and I really splurged with a small SMALL dish of plain vanilla ice cream. I don’t live in a vacuum, and I don’t intend to. I know what dairy does to me, and wine, and sometimes it’s worth it.

Butt (a big one), by the time I got home at noon yesterday, I was puffed up like a marshmallow from all the hidden salt I’m not used to (my jeans barely snapped around me!), constipated, headachy, fatigued, and moody. I COULDN’T WAIT to get back to my rutabaga, salads, coconut oil, and unprocessed meats!!!

I probably don’t have to do an entire Whole30 to reset everything. I’m already feeling much better after three Paleo meals with my healthy oils and a lot of water. But why not do it? I have no reason not to. And along with the Whole30 I’ve made a date with myself to read 10 pages of It Starts With Food every day, just to reacquaint myself with why I’m doing this and to jumpstart going even further with my new lifestyle. So I guess it’s an education thing, as well.

Looking forward to my salad lunch with some fresh tuna topped with a delicious salad dressing with pear-infused balsamic viniagrette (I’ll post the recipe later). I can already feel that energy boost! Choice Fare. Definitely.

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