Whole30 Day 7 — Out of the box detox

The only dahlia I've grown successfully. It's kinda gorgeous. DJW

The only dahlia I’ve grown successfully. It’s kinda gorgeous. DJW

When I made the decision four months ago to do Whole30 and then go Paleo for good, I had no idea that trying to add back some of my favorite foods would cause me joint pain, inflammation, headaches, and what-not. It makes me wonder what else those foods were doing to me.

Plus I’m suffering from spring fever, thus the photo of the dahlia. But I digress.

Yesterday, I was not only half nuts with anxiety and mood swings, but the joint pain in my hands and fingers was nearly unbearable, even after taking pain meds. All because I ate white potatoes.

I think now that the restaurant must have used some oils I haven’t been eating, or something that, along with the potatoes, caused joint inflammation. But I’m not sure. I should have asked the waitress before I ordered, but I didn’t even think of it. Next time, I will.

Today — a Monday, and Mondays are crazy busy for me because I’m a writer for an online magazine and I do most of my interviews on Mondays, so I’m using my hands to type (a lot) as my sources talk — the pain has been almost as bad as it was yesterday. I’m really, really ready for it to be gone. It’s just sapping me of energy. And the Aleve makes me puff up like a marshmallow, especially in my face, so I’m ready for that to go away, too. (Not my face; the puffiness.)

But the mood swings are almost gone (I was short tempered with The Hub tonight, but that was more pain-related than wacked-out-moods related), and the anxiety and depression are gone. Which is definitely wonderful! A day of sunshine and blue sky, both rarities in winter in Michigan, were huge boosts for my disposition.

Opie and Louie loved the sunshine today, in the middle of a Michigan winter, no less! The sun was good for us all!

Opie and Louie loved the sunshine today, in the middle of a Michigan winter, no less! The sun was good for us all!

I drank a ton of water today to try to flush out whatever is afflicting my hands. I wanted to really load up on fresh veggies today, too, but instead I ended up eating a couple more fruit than usual because my hands ached too badly to prepare the veggies. But, given that, I think I did pretty well getting the train back on the Whole30 track.

When you’ve had issues with food-related pain, depression, etc., what helped you the most? Did you do anything special to get rid of the symptoms? What? Did you try the foods again later, and, if so, did you have the same reaction?

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