Whole30 Days 8 thru 11 — Zip! Blah… Zip! Blah… Zip!

Deborah's back yard two summers ago after construction and planting.

Deborah’s back yard two summers ago after construction and planting.

Boundless energy! Clear headedness. A happy spirit. That pretty much sums up my day yesterday, Day 10 of my second Whole30 nutritional reset. It was glorious! I cleaned the house, tackled some get-paid-for work, returned the new microwave that wouldn’t work, bought a new microwave to replace it, and just moved through the day with steady, strong energy, going from task to task with ease. No slumps. No blahs. It felt SO wonderful!

Today? Not so much. I’m sleepy and not motivated. And I think it’s because, in my great mood yesterday, I overindulged on fruit and now that sugar lull is pulling me down. Zip! (yesterday’s energy) Blah…(today’s lull) Zip! Blah…

But yesterday, power-packed yesterday, reminded me of how I felt two summers ago when I completely re-landscaped our back yard. I built this garden wall, hauled (by hand and wheelbarrow) a couple of tons of topsoil (yes, a couple of tons), hauled and placed 160 concrete bricks, dug up and replanted 60 plants, planted 35 new plants (including huge bushes), and added solar lights. It was about eight weeks of steady, muscle-straining work, plus shopping for supplies, plus a s*#t-load of shoveling. I was overweight (still am), but I felt strong. It was great, tiring, exhausting, exhilarating, creative, hot work and I long to be in shape enough this summer to do more of it.

Since that summer two years ago, I’ve had setbacks: a knee injury and surgery, a foot injury, a back injury, lots of pain, and ongoing physical therapy. I feel like I’m coming to the end of it. As the PT continues to rehab my body and strengthen my posture, and as my Whole30 journey continues to reduce my inflammation and make me more and more of a fat-burning machine, I can sense the energy returning. Sometimes it’s here for an hour or two (Zip!). Sometimes for a whole day. Sometimes it’s non-existent (Blah…).

Sweet days like yesterday keep me going. They make me hopeful. Encouraged. Light-at-the-end-of-a-long-tunnel

Can't wait to garden again. I feel the energy coming on!

Can’t wait to garden again. I feel the energy coming on!

optimistic. My physical pain is nearly gone for good. I look forward to the day when I’ll be able to do simple physical activities again, like take my dogs for walks and weed my beautiful garden. I find myself thinking about summer hikes, bicycle rides, even getting my basement and attic cleaned and organized. It’s been so long since I’ve considered doing any of these things that they seem almost as if they’re dreams.

Louie and Opie

Louie and Opie

I can’t wait for the time when my energy pattern is no longer Zip! Blah… Zip! Blah… but is Zip! Zip! Zip!

How do you handle your energy lags? How do you use the times when energy abounds? How do you pace yourself? I’d love to hear from you.

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