Choice News — Links to news and information on healthy living, healthy eating

As information on organic eating, Paleo diets, chemical-free lifestyles, and all-things-healthy continues to evolve, Choice Fare wants to bring you the news.

Some news is purely local to West Michigan (our home territory), but other news is definitely global. Choice Fare co-founder Deborah Johnson Wood is a freelance writer who covers a lot of stories on local organics, pubs, and restaurants, so you can expect to find articles by her in the mix with articles from national sources — a veritable verbal salad of tasty tidbits.

If you find a great article you’d like us to highlight here, please email us the link and we’ll do our best to get it up on our site.

As always, thanks for reading Choice Fare! We love hearing from you!

In The News: Organic Foods, Paleo Diets, Healthy Options

Home-grown tomatoes in Michigan in winter? Meijer harvests greenhouse source for Michigan-grown tomatoes all year long

These look great, and easy! From Men’s Fitness: 18 Easy Paleo Diet Recipes

Australia News, but I sure hope some U.S./Michigan eateries join in and make this a restaurant trend: Cairns cafe plans to take Paleo Diet nationally

From Men’s Fitness: The Essential Paleo Diet Shopping List

Paleo diet cuts out processed foods

Local Entrepreneur’s Plans Come to Life

Beat the Winter Weather With an Indoor Workout at Home

Waste to Worth

Grand Rapids entrepreneur serves up on-the-go raw foods taste treats from Grand RAWpids

Trillium Haven Farm eyes Grand Rapids’ Eastown for fresh-produce restaurant

Nourish Organic Market: Your Third Best Food Source

Grand Rapids Brewing Company to open $2M microbrewery with Michigan’s first certified-organic brews

Grand Rapids’ Doorganics puts down roots, adds new healthy food options


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