Meet Deborah, Choice Fare co-founder

Snapshot_20110209After 35 years of trying nearly every weight-loss program available — losing weight, losing my resolve, gaining back the weight plus several pounds — my body just couldn’t take anymore. I was getting older, sure, but I just knew that not all the aches and pains were from aging.

I had indigestion often, I was tired all the time, my sleep patterns were a mess, I had clinical depression with anxiety. I had headaches three or four days a week, a tendency toward tendinitis, I was morbidly obese, and my moods changed without notice (gee, I was fun!). I’m a freelance writer, and there were days when I couldn’t think clearly enough nor creatively enough to write well.

And then I got sick. Really sick. I picked up a strep bug, a sinus infection, AND, of all things, a tick bite (which caused a horribly itchy rash). Overnight I became a walking chemistry lab of antibiotics, cough syrups, steroids, and migraine headache meds. Months and months of meds. Pair this with a diet that was almost entirely sugar and carbs, and you have a dynamite concoction.

The steroids got rid of what I call “the tick stuff” — for a few weeks. Then it came back, which meant another round of steroids. Then another. I never felt good, or even okay, for nearly a year. I was wiped out. And I felt absolutely, utterly poisoned.

My friend AnnaLee DeRuiter posted on Facebook about her successes with the Whole30 nutritional reset program. I saw her excitement over the program and the amazing, creative, healthy meals she was cooking. She lost weight and recovered her energy. That got me interested in doing Whole30 myself. But when I realized it was really a commitment to a new life — one without sugar or flour … Um. Nope.

However, the idea of doing a nutritional reset wouldn’t let go of me. I thought about it for six months.

And then one day, I got out of bed and had a Whole30-style Meal One (breakfast). I walked back into the bedroom and told my husband, Tom, “I’m starting Whole30 today.” He paused for less than five seconds and responded with “I’ll do it with you.” (That’s why he’s mah man!)

We have healthy, nutritionally dense meals that are grain-free, dairy-free, sugar- and sugar-substitute-free, and legume-free. Sounds boring you say? I’ve never eaten so well in my life. And all my sugar cravings, fat cravings, and cravings for breads and donuts are gone. G.O.N.E.

I’m no longer focused on losing weight; I’m just simply losing weight. I’m sleeping better and have much less fatigue, so I’m more active. I am free of nagging tendinitis in my foot, my mood swings are gone, I’m rarely hungry between meals, the only time I have a hot flash is when I have too much caffeine, and I no longer have indigestion, headaches, skin rashes, stuffed-up sinuses, or a three o’clock slump.

I’m amazed every day, and I wanted to share my amazement in a way that might help someone else. Turns out, AnnaLee feels the same way about her food journey. And that’s how Choice Fare was born.

I’m so glad you stopped by! We have a lot for you here. This site is filled with inspiration. I hope you’ll grab some for yourself. Find what you like. Leave the rest. Be choosy about your food and indulge in Choice Fare!

Deborah Johnson Wood

Choice Fare co-founder


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